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2021 Fall/Winter

The Damien Lee brand began in Okinawa, Japan, where Damien served as a Marine. Inspiration for the brand derived from the color palette of nature as the seasons changed in Japan. Baltimore's beauty has also played a vital role in the brand's beauty, which is overt and incidental.


As a child, Damien enjoyed the pace of the Inner Harbor in the summer and the view from his back porch at his childhood home of varying hues of the sky, which was his peace and inspiration for the Damien Lee brand.



2022 Spring/Summer

Anna Goetter is a Baltimore transplant from St. Paul Minnesota. A designer by night, and a software developer by day.


Her collection for Baltimore Fashion Week will display an eclectic view on streetwear.  This collection will travel through the intuition and nostalgia of spring and convey through form and color the lightness that comes with summer.


2022 Spring/Summer

Denise began knitting at 9 years old, taught by her sister, Vera Nichols.


Progressing as a knitter she attended festivals, then managed a few retail stores like Diamond Macrame Planters (Laguna Beach, CA), Resplendor Fashions (Peabody, MA), and Robinett Fashions at Rocky Neck Art Colony (Gloucester, MA). Denise also exhibited her knits in the Havre de Grace Art Show and has won several awards.

Denise's travels and geographic residences influenced her love for yarns and embellishments from around the world.

designers from seasons 1 - 14

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Anna P. Goetter



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Babatunde Adenirn Anjorin (Nigeria)

Bakhita Couture Jewelry


Bella Zara

Bernice Morgan & Bertha Moniba

Bishme Cromartie - 2008

BMORE Creative

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Brazillian Bezel Swimwear  

Brick Malone



Byron Moxy

Caitlin Dyes - 2018 - 2019

Capria Williams

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Carolyn Smith Malone

Caryn Stockwell

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Clairs Designs (Ghana)

Coldwater Creek

Courtney Robert

Crystal Dombeck

Crystal Gibson

Damien Lee

Darius Thompson

Darryl "LoudBoi" Neal

Davanna Booker

DeBois Textiles | Boulevard Boutique

2010  - 2011

De Melis Fashions

Demi King

Denise Robinett - 2019 (Preview)

Dermaine Johnson



E -27

E Designs

Edward Harvey

Eguana Kampala (Ghana)

Eleen L. Bleyer - 2019 (Preview)

Eileen Harberts

Elena Siri

Eric Randall, Jr.

Evette Monique Street


F.L.E.X.  2008  -  2010  - 2012

Faith Linton

Formal Den

Frances Harley

Glamorous Things

Glenda Bonds

Gloria Winder

Helene Eve Jenkins

Hyi Lim

Hyman & Hyman

Ilka Harrington

Intreya "Treya" Edwards

Imani Brown | Artistic Sole

Iris Webb

Jackie Collection

Jacqueline Hudson

Janeen Brown

JE Liberated - The Stylist

Je Ne Sais Quoi

JMarie Creations

jROBERT  -  2010  -  

Jennifer Diaz

Jonathan Pope

Jonathan Rashawn

Joy Umeobi

June Monteiro

Justin Head

K - Z

Karen Garalde

Karen Kittell

Kayla Couture

Kenny "KAS" Flanagan

Kevin Hall & Lateef Reid

Kim Dixon

Krystal Speight

L'Oreal Johnson


Lamont Burton

Lanae Johnson

Laurie B. Allen

Leah Howard

Linnea J. Galletta

Lj Greene

LT Dickens Designs

2008 - 2009  - 2010  - 2012

Letwa Gooden 

Lucy Njeri Murithi

Luxurie | l-r-g Feature BARCS

Mali Rose  - 2009 - 2010

Margaret Sanzo

Mary Lee

Matt Tom

Megers L. Frierson Jr.

Mikki Taylor

Mo Hamilton

Monica Davis

Monica Janowitz

Morgan Taylor

Myoko A. (Japan)

Nelson Arrington

Nia Nole

Nikke Shanabrough

Nymal BothDol

Odelia Rouse

Odunayo Ade

Olive Design

O.N.D Vintage

Omoyeni Mkinde

Patrise S. Carpenter

Parisa Keywanfard

Philip Hawthorne

Pinque Laydee

Precious Evans

Qui Peace

Quincy Tae'Lor  - 2009 - 2010

Rachel Walker

Reginald Wilson

Rhonda Allen


2008  -  2010  -  2012  -  2013

Robin Boyd

Rose Jalloh

Safari Designs

SaraKaray Designs

Sassy Images

Savoy Chambers

Sean Anthony

Serita Bell

Shades of a Feather

Shamaya House

Sharday Gregory

Sharyn Myrick

Shawnese Kearney

Sheila Scott

Sherrell Whye

Sia Symons

Siobahn Peah


Sparkle Fuller - 2019 - 2019 (Preview

Sparrows Point High

Stuck On You


Sylvia Robinson

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Tanatswa Mupakura

Tehra Pilar

Tehra Williams

The Birth of Venus

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Traveling With Aeri

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