The Day I Decided To Live

Being a part of the industry as I am, it can be extremely difficult to live the way your heart desires when so many people are in your ear offering advice on what to do and what not to do. Well, today (not really today per see), I decided to live for myself and do what speaks happiness to my heart.

Being a hopeless romantic sometimes can draw me back into the dull drum of life, with everyone suggesting marriage. Chyle pahleez, we are happy just the way it is. That is a decision the both of us have decided, and we know it will continue to bring us happiness until WE decide to change things.

Life is a wonderful aspect and should be admired, cuddled, enjoyed, and loved to the fullest extent without missing a beat. For me, just as the title reads, I've decided to LIVE for myself. Nothing makes me happier than to see ME HAPPY!

I know this is a weird type of post, but as I sit here watching movies, something said, "Go and Write - you have not done that in a while," so here I am writing to you. I know my posts are not as frequent as they should be or as the masses suggest they should be, but at the end of the day, I do as much as possible with the life bandwidth awarded to me.

Well, my thoughts are drifting away. I hope to return soon and write to you again. I miss you guys until the next post.

Always be creative, never stop living, and LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!

Love You All.


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